Suicide Flowchart – Learn to avoid unnecessary trauma

When one of your patients commits suicide, this plays on your mind for a VERY long time. This simple flowchart will help you avoid it.

When a patient reveals they are thinking about suicide, it is  very easy to panic and not be able to even think. Unfortunately, it is all decided in that one conversation.

At times like this, you need an easy, clear to follow process that gives you the clarity you need in an incredibly simple way.

This one page diagram shows the steps you need to follow in order to make sure you deal with everything you need to deal with, so you can go home knowing you did all that was required. 

It is so simple and clear that you can carry it on your phone or tablet, so that it is right there when you need it.

Make sure you have it handy. 

Download the FREE suicide flow chart and have make sure your worries stay at your workplace when you leave. 

Clarity about the steps you need to follow is the key to incredible confidence!